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Good Company Coffee is about just that: Good Company ...

... and for us, that means family! But first, let us introduce ourselves.


Cassidy & Stephanie

Or more commonly referred to as, Sid and Steve. We’re the founders of Good Company Coffee. Oh, and we’re sisters. But let’s talk about family.



Our sister (Stephanie’s Twin) and florist extraordinaire. Founder of Brittany’s Flower Farm + Studio, she’s Good Company’s next-door neighbour. In fact, the flowers have a habit of spilling into the coffee shop.



Grace is our mom. Florist and coffee lover and Brittany’s trustworthy business partner, Grace keeps things together. She’s the glue. And there’s a lot of glue at the coffee shop.



Don is our dad. Entrepreneur if there ever was one; we think we may have inherited some of his genes. Don built the coffee shop with a vision we couldn’t imagine till it was staring us in the face.



Victoria is our other sister. You may not see her much, for with an accounting background, she’ll be in the back, crunching numbers or doing whatever those people do.

The Good Company Coffee Brand

The Good Company Coffee brand is about so much more than coffee, it encompasses a departure from ‘grab and go’ culture that we’re all so familiar with. Good Company Coffee embraces the collaborative nature of community, be it local or global—a place to gather, to be educated, and to inspire.

Attention to detail separates our brand by focusing on the customer as much as the product. By creating quality in the latter, the brand is able to reach the former at a different level than an average coffee shop.

Through open discussion and encouraging a space for intentional collaboration, be it between family, friends, or strangers, Good Company Coffee elevates the ‘coffee shop’ experience beyond the norm to something wholly unique.